Chinese food delivery in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the food capitals of Australia and home to an array of world cuisines. So, if you get a craving for far flung flavours then dive into the Deliveroo Chinese section for Brisbane. Now you can order restaurant food online for delivery to your door. You don’t need to rush out to book a table in your favourite Chinese restaurant to eat dumplings and delicate wonton soups, just order and you could be enjoying them from the comfort of home.  
If you want to share a Chinese feast with friends of spicy chow mein noodles, aromatic Peking Duck, vegetable spring rolls, fluffy pork bao dumplings or sticky char siu ribs with a bowl of jasmine scented rice, Deliveroo are here to help make your culinary dreams come true. Just place your order for the best restaurant takeaway food in town! 

Chinese is a breeze in Brisbane

When you hanker after a taste of the Far East for food as enigmatic and aromatic as the place, Chinese is some of the most delicious. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like cooking. Now you can leave the recipe books on the shelf and instead order with Deliveroo. We bring the best of the city’s Chinese restaurant food to your door. 
When you crave authentic kung pao chicken, succulent Peking Duck with delicate wraps and spring onion we’ve got you covered. Rice bean soup, sticky spicy ribs, a bowl of steamed buns filled with pork, glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, hot and sour or sweet and sour soups and curries, Chinese food is a party of flavours for your taste buds. 
Chinese food is great for sharing and having guests to feed is the perfect excuse for ordering dessert. Why not try a slice of Chinese mooncake, winter melon soup, a bowl of fried ice cream, milky ginger and coconut pudding or a delicious Chinese egg custard tart. Using the finest local ingredients, Chinese restaurant food in Brisbane is the next best thing to catching a plane to China.