Chinese food delivery in Melbourne

Sometimes nothing else will do – you just have to order a Chinese takeaway. So chopsticks at the ready! Deliveroo is here for your Chinese food needs with loads of takeaways delivering right to your door in Melbourne. So if you’ve been thinking about the perfect meal all day while at work, kick back and relax, because we have lots of amazing food to choose from.

Everyone knows the best way to eat Chinese is snuggled up on the couch in front of your favourite film, armed with your beverage of choice. Here at Deliveroo, we can deliver a veritable banquet from the best Chinese takeaways across Melbourne. Just have a look at our menus for more info. In fact, the only problem you’re going to have in your quest for an amazing Chinese feast is exactly what to order!

Melbourne: Home to authentic Chinese food for more than 100 years

Historically, Chinese restaurants were known as cookshops and, with most of Australia’s Chinese community hailing from Kwangtung Province in South China, are traditionally influenced by tasty Cantonese style cuisine.

That means loads of fresh-tasting cooking based on fruit, veg, fish and meat, all sprinkled with that familiar and delicious spice blend. Sweet and sour, crispy shredded beef, spring rolls… the list goes on and all packed with the quintessential umami flavour specific to Asian cooking.

As well as Cantonese-style cuisine, you can find fusion Chinese takeaways, with inspired flavour combinations taking on tastes of the West and East. Or maybe you’d prefer some Sichuan style food? Whether you’re in the mood for Chow Mein or looking for something a little more adventurous - deep fried squid anyone? - there’s going to be something for you. Of course, it being the 21st Century, everyone is catered for, with plenty of vegetarian and dietary restriction-friendly options in among the traditional meat and fish. Search for tofu or gluten-based alternatives to meat, or stick to the plentiful and tasty vegetable and noodle dishes for an alternative gastric experience. Hungry yet? You know what to do.