Chinese food delivery in Perth

From the rustic flavours of northern China to the fire of Sichuan, Chinese food has something for everyone on the menu, no matter your preferences. The food of the Middle Kingdom takes on many forms and Perth is smashing through the market on Chinese food. Deliveroo are on hand for your Chinese food delivery orders – there’s nothing like a chicken chow mein from a gourmet restaurant.

When you’re thinking about your online takeaway order, Deliveroo should be your only go-to. We go above and beyond the average takeaway to bring you something authentic, piping hot and simply delicious. We know where to get the best prawn crackers, the tastiest sweet and sour chicken balls and the crispiest chilli beef. Hunting down gourmet restaurants and bringing hearty, authentic Chinese food right to your door is our priority. The best part? You don’t even have to leave the sofa!

Perth: Checking out all things Chinese

Chinese food fans will be well versed in a plethora of dishes but for the less experienced, Perth is full to bursting with Chinese food options. Capsaicin thrills are an important part of the Sichuan menu, from the pickled chillies underpinning yuxiang dishes (that’s fish fragrant, to you!) to the spices that render kung pao chicken the king of the Chinese menu.

Meat and offal in Chinese dishes are bathed in incandescent, mouth-tingling oils and are a frequent sight to be seen on Sichuan dinner tables. A little kou shui ji (which literally translates to “mouth-watering chicken”) is one such dish bathed in the earlier mentioned oils. Most places serve this cold and it’s one of those dishes you must tuck into, chopsticks in hand, expecting excellence.

Traditional northern Chinese cuisine is so popular for its sticky rice dishes and memorable noodles handmade with braised beef. Ordering in kudai mian with your Deliveroo order can give you an education on what noodles are best with your meal. Restaurants across Perth are dishing up the most exquisite in Chinese cuisine. Most of the finest places are covered and we can have it brought over as soon as possible!