Chinese food delivery in Sydney

Whether you have a favourite Chinese food dish or not, you will fall in love with the full flavours of the Orient right in the heart of Sydney. Plump, soft dumplings packed with flavour, tasty Peking Duck pancakes and pork smothered in spicy barbecue sauce all feature on the menus with Deliveroo. Sink your teeth into crispy salt and pepper squid for something a little different and allow the best dishes to be brought to you at home.

Set the table with chopsticks and get ready to read your fortune in a cookie; you’re about to sit down to an Asian fused feast with Deliveroo, and all in the comfort of your own home. We are ready when you are, you don’t have to go out to try to find the best restaurants!

Sydney: The newest Chinese food hot spot!

Chinese cuisine is all about fresh food, good flavours and many of its takeaway options are a testament to their tasty fare. Get yourself a meal of side orders with salt and pepper king prawns, sesame prawn toast and crispy seaweed. Settle down for the evening with lamb pancakes and Shan Tung Chicken. It’s more than just finger-licking good with the intense flavours.

Plenty of restaurants across Sydney offer modern takes on traditional Chinese flavours. Go for the Wagyu beef semur, crispy duck rolls and pulled pork on steamed bao. Pair all of that with prawn crackers and you’ve got a meal with a kick. Deliveroo have the low down on the best Chinese takeaway orders from most places across Sydney and you’ll never be left out of the loop again.

The Chinese know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to cooking seafood and their menus are brimming with fresh live lobster, abalone, king and mud crab. Team it up with succulent sauces and egg fried rice and you are onto a winner. You don’t have to pound the pavements looking for the best Chinese food when Deliveroo are online and happy to help you with your order.