Dessert delivery in Gold Coast

Tropical heat and splashing waves make for ideal ice cream weather and now you can get the tastiest gelato delivered to your door with Deliveroo. The Gold Coast is laden with chocolate desserts, as laid-back as they come and enjoying delicious desserts is part and parcel of coast living. Deliveroo have got you covered with an ice cream call. They can be at your house or can even drop by your workplace to deliver cool, flavourful ice cream.  

Of the many takeaway options lining the beaches, desserts are out in force and Deliveroo can bring them to you. Whether it’s a succulent iced coffee or milkshake, you can choose any iced drink to take the edge off the heat! Make sure you order enough to have leftovers, or get enough to share, the dessert world is yours with Deliveroo, simply order your takeaway with us.

Gold Coast: the up and coming Dessert heaven

From the dairy and gluten-free options to full fat and sugar options, the Gold Coast is laden with luscious puddings. Many of the healthy dessert options may be dairy-free, but the chocolate and raspberry cheesecakes you can find in restaurants in the Gold Coast have a devilish taste and are terribly tempting! There’s never an order limit with your dessert food so if you’re hosting a party or simply just having a cookie-laden Friday night, order now with Deliveroo to get the most delicious desserts. 

Deliveroo are able to provide any number of dessert delights and don’t forget, you don’t have to share! Whether you’re looking for chocolate tortes or a fruity dessert and salted caramel Marquise, Deliveroo can provide you with the freshest puddings. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, vanilla or butterscotch, our dessert menu is laden with the tastiest treats to calm that sweet tooth. 

The Gold Coast is rich in beaches, plentiful in sea breeze and brimming with desserts and, knowing there’s a dessert delivery service on your phone, tablet or computer, you can be assured that whatever the occasion you’re covered.