Dessert delivery in Melbourne

Sometimes you just want something comforting, sweet, sticky, fruity or chocolaty. Well, now you can get it delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo. Gone are the days when takeaway food had to be just a Chinese or pizza – now you can order these and a dessert too. Or, if you’re feeling decadent, just loads of desserts! We’re here to help you indulge your sweet tooth with a plethora of desserts from restaurants across the city. So if you’re into the idea of a dessert delivered to your door in Melbourne, read on!

Being an eclectic city with lots of amazing cuisines, there’s many kinds of desserts to tempt your appetite. Why not order a selection and find out which is your favourite, or stick to tried and tested favourites if you prefer? The dessert world is your oyster!

Melbourne: Home of all kinds of sweet treats for you to try

Desserts don’t stop at ice cream and chocolate brownies (although there is always a place for these old favourites too!). These days you can try all sorts of sweets from restaurants around the city. If you fancy Asian-fused desserts, for example, try some pandan, green tea cheesecake or something innovative, such as coffee candy, known as kopiko.

Or why not switch to classic French desserts to soothe your sugar cravings. Petit gateau, macarons, open fruit flans or delicate mille feuille with its fresh cream filling and iced top. Delicious!

If you’re ordering dessert in for a dinner party, you could always go with a freshly made cake, or New-York style ‘cronuts’. The hipster’s choice, cronuts are a cross between croissants and doughnuts and have taken dessert lovers’ worlds by storm over the last few years. Pretty much every kind of cake, pudding and dessert is available through Deliveroo – and if you’re ordering dessert takeaway from your favourite restaurant or café just for yourself, don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!