Dessert food delivery in Sydney

When people think of ordering in, they never think to order in purely for dessert. Deliveroo is able to provide a service for delivering the sweetest, stickiest pudding with most places in Sydney covered.

Cropping up all over the suburbs and the city centre are restaurants and cafes dedicated to the ‘afters’ of a meal. Really, not enough people are taking advantage of being able to order a full zabaglione at 10pm. Deliveroo are taking this advantage and knocking on the door with cones stuffed with ice cream and if you prefer something with a little Asian fusion, Chat Thai banana fritters can be wafted under your nose. Desserts in Sydney range from the traditional to the quirky and Deliveroo has your sweet tooth well covered.

Sydney: The perfect blend of tradition and modernity in dessert form

Iced coffee is more a dessert in Sydney than it is a cool, caffeine-laden treat. They don’t say ‘there’s always room for dessert’ for nothing and in Sydney, there is ALWAYS room for indulgence.

Dessert brought to you by Deliveroo doesn’t have to be a dieter’s worst nightmare. In the heat of the CBD during an Australian summer there’s nothing as delicious as a cold, citrus sorbet and it’s even sweeter when it’s brought straight to you. Fruit-filled Pavlova and light meringues can be found on the Deliveroo menu. Sydney is already bursting with savoury flavour, you can’t get much more balanced than with the sweet. You can mix two by enjoying caramelised popcorn ice cream and orange and poppy seed cake – there’s no limit to your order!

Sink your teeth into delicious cronuts – a croissant/doughnut hybrid. They just explode with fun and are every Sydneysider’s guilty pleasure. With plenty of mainstream options you’re bound to end up daydreaming about becoming the next Augustus Gloop while you queue for your order. Alternatively, you could always place that order oozing with sugar and sweet with Deliveroo and become Augustus in the comfort of your own home!