Greek food delivery in Australia

There are many reasons to love Greek cuisine. Whether it’s due to the emphasis on fresh ingredients or the tastes of the Med delighting your senses, there’s much to enjoy. All of which is great news for lovers of this food, as there are lots of restaurants scattered throughout Australia serving only the best and most authentic Hellenic food. From mouth-watering meat dishes like gyros to delicious delicate pastries, there’s something for everyone.  

At Deliveroo, we think you deserve the same restaurant quality food when you’re in the mood for a Greek takeaway. So, we work with the best quality chefs and restaurants across the country to make this happen. We’ve listed all of their menus in each town and city to make it easy for you to decide what you want to eat. Then order through us and wait for us to bring your takeaway delivery to your door.

Gorgeous Greek fare to enjoy throughout Australia with Deliveroo

If you’re feeding a great big group of friends and family, then you could order a huge helping of moussaka for a filling and delicious dish. This hearty, baked meal combines aubergines, minced meat, cheese and a rich béchamel sauce to make a flavoursome treat. It’s easy to find veggie versions as well, if you’re looking to feed non-meat eaters.  A perfect side dish is kolokythoanthoi, or if you’re a big fan you could have them for a starter. These are delicately fried stuffed courgette flowers and are absolutely wonderful.

Fassolada is a rich white bean soup that may sound simple but packs a complex flavour punch. It’s good for you as well, with its use of white beans, olive oil, herbs and vegetables so could be a good alternative to the heavier dishes.  Spanakopita is another authentic meal that’s much loved in Greece. It’s a mix of spinach, vegetables and cheese all under a layer of filo pastry – essentially a Greek style pie. Eaten with a side of horta vrasta (your choice of leafy green vegetables served with a drizzle of vinegar, lemon and oil) to cut through the heaviness, it’s a perfect main meal.