Greek food delivery in Perth

Greek food has long been a family favourite and if you had the chance to order authentic Greek takeaway food to your door, you’d do it wouldn’t you? Great, because Deliveroo has the know-how on where the best Greek restaurants in Perth feature, and with most places covered, you could be dipping hunks of bread into taramasalata in no time.

Stuff down divine dolmades with olives to accompany and order some hot and filling moussaka with a glass of ouzo. The fact you don’t have to leave the house makes this deal even sweeter. Deliveroo are on hand to help you raise that ouzo high; so get online and start ordering, the menus are all there waiting for you!

Perth: Nothing better than ‘going Greek’, any day of the week

The Greeks are masters of the charcoal grilled and spit roasted meats, and with souvlaki still being the fast food favourite in Greece you’ll fit right in here. Order both the gyros and skewered meat versions wrapped in soft, floury pitta bread with tomato, onion and just lashings of creamy tzatziki. Surprisingly to most, goat is also a favourite in Greek cuisine so if you want to try something entirely new, go with kid goat and a salads selection.

It’s not all grilled meat at the finest Greek restaurants in Perth, though, especially for the fish fans out there. Seafood is a delicacy so ordering in calamari grilled whole and drizzled with ladolemono (lemon and oil dressing) you’ll be in heaven. Go for smaller fish like barbounia (red mullet) and marida (white bait) lightly fried and with a squeeze of lemon and you’ll be transported to bright blue Mediterranean seas.

When trying Greek cuisine, be sure to order the vast array of fresh cheeses they delight in including in their recipes. Feta, graviera and mizithra are all classic Greek cheeses with different tastes. You may love great cheese pies or cheese parcels, and Deliveroo are happy to deliver your favourites!