Greek food delivery in Sydney

Even if you live in the land down under, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a taste of the sun drenched Greek islands with Sydney’s excellent choice of food. Whether you’re after classic treats from Greece or modern twists, check out and order from Deliveroo’s Greek section for Sydney and let us bring a taste of the dazzling Aegean to your door.

There is a thriving and buoyant Greek community cooking up a storm in Sydney bringing with them, through the generations, their mouth-watering sumptuous sunshine filled foods that lucky folks living in Sydney can now enjoy to takeaway. Coming from all over the Greek lands, there are recipes and dishes inspired from every corner of the country from super stuffed vine leaves to the saltiest, squeakiest halloumi cheese. Deliveroo make your tastiest Greek home delivery dreams come true fresh from the restaurant.

Greek: Food of the Gods down under

What could be lovelier than a cosy evening in with a slice of hearty Greek spanakopita? This luxurious, yet simple Greek specialty of light filo pastry filled with spinach and traditional Greek feta cheese is a heart-warmer for any night of the week and evokes those long sunny days and dazzling blue seas of Greece.

Billowing bowls of beetroot hummus and tantalising tzatziki offer a taste of the beautiful Greek islands. Whether you love lamb, crave chicken or are bowled over by beef, Greek cuisine has something for everyone. Those with a sweet-tooth can indulge in some very naughty treats from honey-socked pistachio jewelled baklava to soft Greek cinnamon donuts, custard wrapped in delicate filo or some heavenly syrup soaked semolina cake. Yum!

Sydney has turned Greek food into cool contemporary cuisine. As well as authentic classic dishes that stays true to its Greek roots and serves up cheap, filling meals, restaurants have embraced all aspects and turned it into an art form. Jewel like Greek olives and fragrant golden olive oil are a delicate and typically Greek flourish to complete any meal. Let Deliveroo bring a little sunshine to your door.