Halal food delivery in Melbourne

For all you Melburnians looking for the best halal takeaway delivery, look no further than Deliveroo. Lip smacking halal-certified meals are on offer across many places that Deliveroo can pick up your order from spiced beef cheek to an entire lamb shoulder. You don’t have to miss out on tasty takeaway options as there are so many halal choices out there!

Ordering to eat at home from is always fun and you needn’t get left out, especially when items such as charcoal chicken wings, spiced lamb and Persian meatballs are halal-certified and dripping with flavour. Deliveroo are purely online so jump on and make your order for home delivery now!

Melbourne: The up and coming halal hotspot

Those who seek out halal options will rarely be without an option in Melbourne, particularly in the Northern suburbs, which is home to one of Australia’s largest Islamic communities. This means that whether you are itching to try out an authentic Middle Eastern banquet or order in some exciting goat kefta, Deliveroo will have options for you.

Sink your teeth into classic halal-certified food like fattoush and meatballs in tomato and saffron sauce with labne when you order online. Try out the Tangier-style charcoal grilled squid or the seafood tagine. There’s no end to rich halal cuisine in Melbourne and if you are looking to try something totally new, go for the Moroccan halal dish of rfissa; it’s a special dish of fenugreek, lentils, and chicken and fried semolina dough. Exquisite and unique in taste, it’s one of the meals that should be on the food bucket list! There are so many options for halal takeaway choices that you simply won’t be left behind if you’re ordering online in a group.

Halal meat is treated differently and this results in a more tender meat. Restaurants that provide a halal option are on the up and many customers looking for a great meal for delivery are now exposed to better, tastier meals so nothing is out of reach.