Indian food delivery in Melbourne

Everyone knows that Melbourne is the sports epicentre of Australia with stadiums galore. Deliveroo can deliver the best curry and sides from most places in Melbourne so spicing up that game at home just got that bit more exciting.

If you’re staying in and watching on the big screen, you’ll need to order online with Deliveroo. We are a fast, efficient food delivery service that can bring you those bhajis right to your front door. Whether you go for a vicious vindaloo or a tame tikka masala, you can guarantee it will be delivered hot with Deliveroo. You can enjoy the most amazing Indian cuisine that Melbourne has to offer and Indian is the ultimate in rich comfort food. Sumptuous sides like saag aloo and poppadoms can prop up the most delicious main course so don’t miss out on those.

Melbourne: Biryani central for the avid sports fan

Spice up your night with an Indian takeaway order from many of the finest restaurants that Melbourne has on offer. The menus online give you so much to choose from, making the seduction of Rogan Josh something that no one can resist. Prefer something milder? Not a problem, as the succulently creamy korma can cater for you.

It’s not all saucy curries though. Any Indian food aficionado will know that the tasty delights of tikka doesn’t always include a sauce to dip into and there’s everything from rice to English options on offer if the spicy Dahl doesn’t do it for you. Melbourne takes the edge with their award-winning cuisine and Deliveroo gets to deliver that edge to you in the comfort of your own home.

Not into fiery food? Not a problem. With Deliveroo, you could choose to have a veggie meal and even Western options in the restaurant. Curry and chips is a fast favourite, especially as a substitute for rice. Melbourne has a rising star with Indian food and all Melburnians know that trying something more exotic is a necessity when a new restaurant opens up. Feeling peckish? Get online now!