Indian food delivery in Sydney

Strapping on those sandals and strolling your way across the Sydney suburbs in search of splendid samosas sounds like a lot of work, right? Good, because when you order online with Deliveroo, you can leave the sandals by the door! Deliveroo will happily come to you bearing inviting Indian cuisine from most places across Sydney.

You may be potty for prawn puri but too busy to get out of the office and eat, and that is exactly why Deliveroo exists. Working hard in the Central Business District of Sydney and in need of food? Entertaining friends with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from home? Having your food arrive hot and hurried is all you can ask for and Deliveroo does this with ease. Sydney isn’t just a hub for barbecue food anymore, and Deliveroo can prove it with a huge range of Indian delights.

Sydney: Serving up spicy selections since 1988

Did you know that in 1988 there were only two Indian restaurants in Sydney? Now you do! Currently there are on average three Indian restaurants in each Sydney suburb and most of these do fantastic home delivery. Having food with the wow factor is a must when it comes to Sydney cuisine in general, but the fact that delicious Indian food is expanding, that wow factor has stayed put.

Indian food isn’t just from one particular place, with delights divided up into distinct regions such as Bengali, Goan, Gujarati, Punjabi and South Indian food. The flavours are very slightly different depending on the area your chosen meal is from but ultimately, you can expect rich food bursting with spices and flavour.

European influences, ideas and ingredients have steadily inched their way into Indian cuisine over the years, further fuelling the evolution of food across Sydney. There’s something for every hot food hunter in the terrifyingly spicy Vindaloo and Dahl dishes but if you prefer something a little milder, there are several types of paneer available for the keen vegetarian. Choose wisely and choose spicy if you want that perfect, genuine flavour.