Italian food delivery in Melbourne

Fresh pasta, spaghetti Bolognese, garlic bread, sundried tomatoes, pizza… the tastes of the Mediterranean are sunshine on the tongue and huge favourites with people all over the world. And in Australia, it’s one of the most-loved cuisines of all. We’re not talking just about standard takeaway pizza, although there’s always a place for those! We’re talking about pasta, lasagne, fish and meat cooked Italian style, Parmigiano, Mozzarella… all can the wonders of Italian food can be delivered to your door in Melbourne.

So, if you fancy an Italian feast and definitely don’t feel like cooking, check through the Deliveroo Italian listings for Melbourne – you’re sure to find more than a single dish to tickle your tastebuds. Just have a look through the variety on offer and select your favourites. Simple and tasty – just how Italian food should be.

Melbourne: Home to authentic Italian cooking

Since Italians migrated to Australia in the 19th century, Italian cooking has crept into the country’s consciousness and it’s now one of the most popular cuisines. With a depth of flavour by using high quality ingredients, there’s something within Italian cuisine to please just about everybody.

Whether you’re looking for a Tuscan dish or some southern fish, Italy has plenty of variety – usually with plenty of cheese and wine. And you too can enjoy the authentic, freshly cooked flavours of Italy delivered to your door with Deliveroo.

For dinner parties and entertaining, you can’t beat the sophistication and ingredients of authentic Italian cooking, and ordering it in means you cut down all the work and get all the glory. Start with traditional antipasti, maybe a Caprese salad, followed by tortellini and salted cod, all washed down with the finest Italian wine or beer. Perfecto! Or maybe you just want to veg out with a proper Italian pizza – a thin, crispy crust and plenty of fresh tomatoes with Mozzarella for the topping. Delivered piping hot and ready for you to enjoy, without even lifting a finger in preparation. And absolutely no washing up!