Italian food delivery in Sydney

The Italians are famous for their love of rich meats and swirls of pasta, and Sydney natives know that indulging in the best Italian cuisine the city has to offer is a treat like no other. Deliveroo are on hand to whisk their way through the city streets with the best spaghetti to woo the other half at a moment’s notice.

If you are looking to impress with a romantic meal but have no idea what to cook, allow Deliveroo to serve up a spicy pasta puttanesca with a dessert of tiramisu to charm your love with rich Italian tones. There are many award-winning Italian restaurants littered across the suburbs of Sydney but if you would rather a romantic rendezvous at home, Deliveroo are there for you. Deliveroo can’t provide you love, but they can provide you food and that’s pretty close!

Sydney: The hot-spot for Italian devotees and pasta aficionadas

You may not know about this, but Sydney is famous for its Italian Food & Wine Festival that visits every year. Rich, full-bodied vintage wines from Italian vineyards are in abundance and you can watch the best up-market chefs roll out and shape fresh pasta, churn butter and make exquisite, sharp Italian cheeses. Italy is famous for its cheese as well as its pasta dishes and if you are a fan you’ll have a nose for the best Sydney Italian restaurants!

It’s not all pizzas and spaghetti you know, even though spaghetti is a staple food in any Italian menu from most places across Sydney. You can enjoy fresh, flavoursome gelato and authentic Italian ice creams out in the restaurants scattered across the city or make it easier and have them delivered to your office or home by Deliveroo. Mixed olives, crispy calamari and homemade king prawn pastas are popular choices across Italian menus.

Wave ‘arrivederci’ to spaghetti bolognese and say ‘ciao’ to western Australian scampi and homemade gnocchi. Have we made you hungry? Good. Deliveroo can bring this to your door whenever you are ready to order online. Ciao Bella!