Japanese Food Delivery in Brisbane

Japanese fare is well established across Brisbane, with teppanyaki banquets and sashimi platters to tempura coming out of every angle. If you’ve got a hankering for Japanese cuisine, have a look at Deliveroo and check if they cover your area. There’s nothing like home delivery and if that delivery is packed with authentic Japanese dishes, you’ll be drooling while you wait.  
Deliveroo cover most of the amazing Japanese restaurants in Brisbane and if you prefer eating in to going out, you’ll be well looked after. Wagyu steaks and chicken katsu curry over the fluffiest rice are just a couple of the dishes available to you on the Japanese menus you’ll find on our website. Steer clear of the boring, old takeaway food you usually order - it’s time to switch it up! Enjoy top-quality, restaurant food delivered right to your door, thanks to Deliveroo. 

Brisbane: Making Japanese cuisine as popular as ever

Seafood, rice, noodles and seaweed all sound plain when you say them individually but when you put those ingredients together you get a fusion of flavours that floods your tongue and transports you to Japan. If you’re not a fan of seafood, how about trying a plate of katsu pork belly, served with cherry tomato salsa and Japanese barbecue sauce. There’s something for every taste with Japanese food and the fame of the cuisine speaks for itself.  
Japanese food is one of the favourites for dinner parties, especially if you are hosting. Rather than book a table and head out, why don’t you turn your living room or dining room into the traditional Japanese banquet? From sushi to tempura you can impress your friends with a Deliveroo-delivered plethora of Japanese cuisine.   
Ordering from an authentic Japanese restaurant means your big bowl of pork broth with pork belly, black garlic, nori and tsukemono is going to be the freshest on the block. Vegetarians among us can chow down on the truly divine kelp and shiitake mushroom concoction and you can add miso butter to your ramen to give it a kick!