Japanese food delivery in Gold Coast

With the Gold Coast being one of the sunniest places in Australia, it’s no surprise that the residents are health conscious and enjoying the ever-growing popularity of Japanese restaurants springing up over town. It’s not a coincidence that the Japanese live longer than most people in the world. Their cuisine focuses on the basics: vegetables, rice, seafood and buckwheat noodles.   

The sheer variety of Japanese dishes is what makes this Far Eastern cuisine so popular along the beaches of the Gold Coast. Use Deliveroo to choose the best restaurant and choose dishes like chicken katsu curry and sushi to be delivered to you at home. No schlepping out in the night for a curry craving when Deliveroo can bring it right to you, and certainly no ordering in a bland, run of the mill takeaway. The food brought to your door will be the best of the best. 

Gold Coast: Exploring new dishes without leaving the house

The chefs in Japan take pride in what they do, which is no different to the Japanese chefs on the Gold Coast. These professionals make amazing curries as well as soups and stir fried noodles. Their signature curries come in the form of rice, bread and curry udon. You can’t let authentic Japanese dishes get away from you if you’re on the hunt for a new cuisine to try.  

There’s so much to try on a Japanese menu it can be tough to know where to start. If you’re feeling adventurous, trying out takoyaki – octopus balls to you and me – is a quick, hearty snack that really packs a punch with flavours. It’s crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and in the middle has a morsel of octopus tentacle. It’s a street food that has graduated to restaurants and it isn’t the only one. Yakisoba and okonomiyaki both have a history as a snack food and is now a staple of Japanese meals.  

You can sink your teeth into matcha sundaes, noodle soups and delicious kobe beef on your order. Grab a side of crispy seaweed sushi and fried croquettes when you order with Deliveroo.