Japanese food delivery in Perth

Japanese cuisine in Perth has the power to transport your taste buds from Western Australia to the Far East. With its strong cultural identity, Japan has been producing deliciously healthy food since the beginning of time. Let Deliveroo scour some of the best restaurants across Perth to bring you the most unique and beguiling dishes there are to offer. You don’t need the ‘restaurant’ experience when you can enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine from your own dining table!

Have a craving for warm comfort food? It’s never too late to sink down into the settee with a steaming bowl of ramen, no matter the flavour! Whether you fancy tonkotsu (pork bone), miso, soy sauce or salt, your ramen is ready for delivery when you order your food online with Deliveroo. Put your feet up and order online using your smartphone or laptop – you won’t regret it!

Perth: Hitting the spot all over town with Deliveroo

Japan is enriched with a culture of binaries, straddling traditional with the ultra-modern and its food is notoriously nutritious and balanced around a diet of super fresh products. If you ever want Japanese food you’ll be courting a menu of fresh fish, grilled meats and vegetables so you can’t go off your diet while you indulge!

There are some dishes you should be dying to try with Deliveroo: Unagi – freshwater eel – is one of them. Traditionally served with a sweet barbecue sauce, unagi is an ideal dish to balance out a hot summer evening. Follow your dish of unagi with some tasty tempura and delight your taste buds with this light and fluffy snack. Coated seafood and vegetables can be dipped in a dish of soy sauce or a little pool of salt for extra flavour.

Part dinner, part art, shabu-shabu is the choice of Japanese food lovers all over Perth. Thin slices of beef or pork are served in a bubbling broth and eaten with chopsticks – as traditional Japanese as you can get. Deliveroo are on hand if you’re at a business meeting or at home with friends: and Japanese food should be the order of choice.