Japanese food delivery in Sydney

Not to knock a true lunchtime staple, but Japanese food isn’t all sushi rolls! Japanese food fits into Sydney in the same way that soybeans fit comfortably into their little pods. It just works and Sydneysiders are gagging for fresh, Japanese food every single day. With Deliveroo, you don’t have to worry about finding the best places to eat, when the best place to live is your own dining room!

Deliveroo can bring bounties of gorgeous Japanese food to your door and thanks to all the Japanese chefs gracing the Sydney shores, Deliveroo can do it right. From the quick sushi lunch to the full sashimi laden dego, Japanese food in Sydney is shining brightly!

Sydney: Bringing a little Asian fusion to Southern Australia

It doesn’t cost much to eat good, healthy food and Japanese food is filled with an array of flavours. Grab bowls of punch pork ramen in gargantuan proportions and dip spoons of rice into the broth left over in the bowl. Get bluefin tuna on your plate and blend it with delicious Japanese salads for an authentic taste.

If you’re into soba, you’re in luck as Japanese cuisine boasts tasty soba noodles. Made with buckwheat flour, soba dishes are popular and readily available. They’re served up either hot or cold and with a dipping sauce which is a mixture of soup stock, water and mirin. Your home delivery of Japanese food would not be complete without a kitsune soba – which comes with thin sheets of fried tofu on top.

Sink your teeth into swordfish preserved with simple lemon and scallops with sweet soy and onion butter. The dish is clean, filling and simple but so delicious you won’t be able to leave any on the plate. For something a little more complex, try out the coarsely grated manchego cheese which is served with rum and raisin gelato and topped with nut praline. Sounds complex, but it is simply amazing!