Lebanese takeaway from Brisbane restaurants

Looking for honest to goodness Lebanese restaurants in Brisbane doesn’t have to be a taxing task when Deliveroo are on hand to help. Not only can they tell you the top Lebanese restaurants, they can describe the menus and display it all online. From tabbouleh to homemade pots of fresh hummus and sliced flatbreads, Deliveroo can bring you the best of Lebanese cuisine, whatever the time of day.Going for an average takeaway can get quite boring after a while. This can be a thing of the past when you can order gourmet cuisine with Deliveroo. Freshly cooked Lebanese food is far tastier than the average options you may be used to so why not go gourmet today? Have a drinks party with friends and trust that Deliveroo know which restaurants have amazing Lebanese falafel, shawarma and naan bread ready for delivery.

Brisbane: Locking down Lebanese cuisine

Brisbane has captured a slice of Lebanon with the cuisine popping up all over town. Staying in is the new going out in Brisbane and filling your evening with Lebanese feasts will make you feel like you’ve had a home cooked meal instead of a takeaway. Why go to the trouble of heading out to an overcrowded restaurant when you could order chicken with garam masala in a tasty shawarma? Lebanese cuisine is becomingmore popular as the years go on and the people of Brisbane are discovering this daily. Enjoying delicious baba ghanoush is about as authentic as it gets. A heavenly dip made with roasted aubergine, baba ghanoush is amazing served with pitta and vegetable sticks as part of a meze platter, or even on its own alongside kafta. Staying in with a traditional Lebanese salad may sound boring but until you’ve tried a fattoush salad with the flavour bursting through the seams, you’ve not lived. Smothering salad in sumac, a spice made of dried berries, can sound a little odd if you’re used to a traditional chicken Caesar, but live a little! For your convenience, you can order online from home or work. What’re you waiting for?