Lebanese food delivery in Perth

Middle Eastern food has grown in popularity over the years - as well as having a great variety, Lebanese cuisine is one of the freshest and most delicious on the planet! Deliveroo has tons to offer in the Lebanese food section, so if something from the beautiful nation’s abundant selection of treats takes your fancy, order with Deliveroo. Most Lebanese restaurant that’s worth their weight will focus on the three staples - olive oil, garlic and lemon.

Perth is brimming with excellent Lebanese restaurants, so be sure to take advantage and taste fabulous food in the comfort of your own home. Be it for entertaining guests or enjoying a night alone, Lebanese treats suit any occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t spend precious time trailing around the city, get online now to see what delights Deliveroo has waiting for you.

Perth: Taste the Middle East in every dish

Lebanese cuisine is both generous in flavour and in size. No tiny servings of food here, just good, honest portions for your money and dripping in flavour. There’s an age-old tradition of hospitality in Lebanese culture, so you know your food will be warming, homely and filling. Start your meal with a delicious meze: a host of little dishes including olives, tahini and yogurt alongside fish and meat stews.

Meat kebabs, marinated seafood and salads in abundance all make an appearance on a menu for a Lebanese takeaway restaurant and ordering has never been so simple now you have discovered Deliveroo. Not sure what to order? Pastirma is right up your street if you’re into tender meat with vegetables, or opt for samkeh harra if fish is your thing.

Lebanese desserts are a work of art with light delicate pastries combined with nuts and syrups to really bring down the house. There are creamy sweets filled with a clotted cream called ashta, plus shortbread that melts in the mouth, sometimes filed with a date paste or nuts. There is just so much to Lebanese food and all of it can be delivered right to you with Deliveroo!