Pizza delivery in Australia

We know you love your pizza – who doesn’t? It’s one of the most popular foods all over the world. It’s come a long way from its traditional Italian beginnings and is available in every different kind of crust and topping you can imagine. And we also know pizza is best eaten at home, preferably on your lap in front of your favourite film. Ideal to share with a large party of friends, and delicious cold from the fridge the next day, there’s pretty much nothing not to love about pizza.  

Deliveroo brings you the best of both possible worlds, with restaurant-quality pizza pies delivered right to your door. No more greasy, disappointing pizzas for your evenings in. We’re working with pizza restaurants across most of the major cities and towns in Australia to make this happen. We’ve listed menus for all of the cities in which we deliver. 

Find your perfect Pizza to enjoy at home through Deliveroo

Once you’ve decided what you want to eat, order with us and before you know it, we’ll be at your door with your takeaway delivery. You get all of the best pizza action, with minimal effort. Sounds perfect, we know. In fact, we know your only problem will come when you’re trying to decide which delicious pizza to order! 

It’s always good to throw a pepperoni in there, particularly if you’re ordering for a group that includes meat lovers. Crispy meat on top of savoury cheese, smothered over a thin crust makes a crowd-pleasing pizza. Or you could stick to a good old Aussie, with its egg and bacon delights mixing with delicious pizza sauce. You can choose from a traditional Italian style thin crust for added authenticity or go for a deep dish stuffed crust for a real treat.  

Vegetarian options are plentiful, and you can even choose from vegan and gluten free crusts, so you can please everyone in your party. Once voted Australia’s favourite pizza, the good old BBQ chicken is a must have for meat lovers, or if you just can’t decide go for a Supreme – that’s a little bit of everything! Perfect!