Pizza delivery in Sydney

Wood-fired, a metre long and covered in marinara sauce, creamy mozzarella and tons of toppings; pizza in Sydney is nothing short of incredible! Log on to Deliveroo and order in the caponata – a magic base that is soft yet charred and blackened, beautifully seasoned and totally smoky. Fior di latte is melted over the bottom, with zucchini, capsicum, eggplant and tomato – it’s just a secret of Sydney that you need to be in on.

Ordering takeaway online with Deliveroo means you don’t even have to leave your house when you order in a spectacularly popping pizza that can feed a small army. Going out for dinner is so overrated when you can eat in with all your friends with no washing up afterwards! Pizza preferences are so individual but that doesn’t mean you only have to order one pizza, right? Meaty or vegetarian, what’s your choice?

Sydney: The best pizzas straight to you

Here’s a little fun fact for all you Sydney-based pizza lovers out there: when you fold a piece of pizza in half to eat it, it’s called a libretto. Just like the opera! You know you’re eating a fantastic pizza with a perfectly cooked based when you can fold a piece in half before you stuff it in. Not a cheese lover? You could order Napoletana, which is salty, briney and tomatoey. Covered in anchovies, capers and olives on a tantalising tomato base, this pizza is cheese free and fresher than anything you may have tried before.

Ordering pizza is so much easier when you can buy two metre-long pizzas with half and half toppings! Once you’ve sunk your teeth into five toppings and slathered in cheese, you’ll die and go to pizza heaven. Good thing you’ll be at home when you receive your order – the idea that you’ll be able to move off the couch after you taste the amazing pizzas from restaurants in Sydney is laughable!

Don’t forget your sides! Wash down your wood-fired artisan pizza with a cold glass of Chablis and follow it with a bowl of ordered in delicious gelato.