Sushi delivery in Melbourne

Sushi has come a long way in the past few years, crossing oceans from Japan to Melbourne and the city’s residents have wholeheartedly embraced the Japanese style of fast food with a healthy edge. Deliveroo are jumping on this bandwagon and adding Sushi takeaway options to the menus from most places across Melbourne.

For many, sushi is one to eat on the run so if you’re stuck in the office on a tight deadline but feeling peckish, don’t let yourself go hungry. Forge Easily order something made of fresh, high quality ingredients. Life is too short for bad sushi and Deliveroo have the best catches out there just waiting for you to enjoy. Choose Deliveroo to introduce you to sushi if you’ve never tried it, and get it fast to your house right now, don’t wait!

Melbourne: Master chefs creating for you

The beautiful thing about the delicacy of sushi is that it isn’t just fish. Sushi is delicate slices of raw fish on a bed of sticky and delicious sushi rice. You also get Futomaki which is Japanese pickles, sweet omelette and sushi rice rolled in seaweed. Vegetable sushi is just as much a delicious option, so vegetarians needn’t be left behind when it comes to ordering online.

You can cover your sushi with soy sauce or hot wasabi. If you’re feeling adventurous then add both? It’s probably the healthiest takeaway options and Melbourne have sushi locked down and you can choose brown rice sushi too for that little bit of variety. Food prepared as skillfully as sushi deserves reverence and that’s what sushi lovers understand!

Don’t settle for the norm either; opting for inside out sushi will rock your world. These little beauties come with a variety of fillings but anyone will tell you that the soft shell crab is particularly spectacular. You can have them rolled in sesame seeds or even a little luxurious caviar and both give something that little bit more to the sushi-eating experience.
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