Sushi food delivery in Perth

In recent years, sushi has been an up and comer in Perth and boy, has it really taken off. Everyone is dying to get their hands on little mouthfuls of fresh fish sushi or vegetarian rolls. Fast food with an edge, Deliveroo is poised to jump at the ready for your sushi order whether you are at home or stuck in the office in need of a healthy meal break.

Sushi isn’t just for the fish fanatics either, with dozens of vegetarian options and even chicken sushi options. If you can roll it in seaweed, it counts! Hop online with Deliveroo and order something made of fresh, high quality ingredients and dripping in simplicity. Life is too short for bad sushi and Deliveroo have the best catches out there just waiting for you to enjoy.

Perth: Rolling down the bay with seaweed and rice at the ready!

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan and its delights have spread across the world and right down to Perth. Primarily seen as a grab and go food, it’s a firm favourite for lunch breaks on a hot day. There’s nothing like kicking back on the grass in the middle of the central business district in Perth and chowing down on delicious vegetarian sushi rolls or nigiri that you’ve just had delivered to the office. If you’re not quite into fish, temaki could be for you - hand rolled cones of seaweed filled with various vegetables for a light snack.

Top your sushi with soy sauce or wasabi or if you’re feeling daring – both! Food prepared as skilfully as norimaki and gunkan deserve a little respect. Those rolls of sushi rice and seafood don’t roll themselves you know and you can thank your chefs at the local delivery place for that!

Have your sushi options with octopus or tuna and you can delight in the flavours bursting in your mouth. Choose Deliveroo to introduce you to sushi if you’ve never tried it, and get it fast to your house or office right now - don’t wait!