Sushi delivery in Sydney

Rice, seaweed, vegetables, fish and soy sauce. All these ingredients sound bland on their own but roll them together and you get delectable bites of sushi and sashimi in Sydney that will make your mouth water. Plain and simple with a tiny bottle of soy sauce to garnish, sushi doesn’t need to be overcomplicated to be enjoyed. Fresh, healthy and simple – what more could you want?

Allow Deliveroo to bring you the best of Sydney’s sushi and wasabi to your door. If you’re caught at the office in a long day of meetings or at just tucked up at home, nutritious food brought to you ready made is nothing short of incredible. Deliveroo have the best sushi restaurants in Sydney at hand so jump online and have a look at what is available. You could be eating delicate bites of sushi this evening, so why wait to place your order.

Sydney: Tiny bites of healthy goodness that pack a punch

Take a bow with a cool glass of sake and a platter of simple sushi and sashimi. Delicious nigiri, creatively made with only the freshest ingredients, you can pretty much guarantee your sushi dish is made with the best of the best. Bento box combinations of delicious fresh fish and some vegetable sushi with wasabi and soy sauce dips can really make your day.

Sydney has the lowdown on sushi and the attention to detail that goes into every course of sushi is intricate and unmistakable. Delicious morsels of mackerel, fatty salmon belly and freshly-cooked scallops are all seasoned expertly so no wild dunking into pots of soy sauce is ever okay with sushi. Think clean lines, uniform sushi rolls with wasabi to complement. Salty, sweet slivers of fish are given a chilli kick before being wrapped in seaweed sheets and cut with precision.

Sushi is simply for everyone. If you’re feeling a takeaway but have no plans to venture out of the house, let Deliveroo bring a little taste of Japan to your door with a platter of sushi and sashimi. That way, you can enjoy the freshest cuisine with a click of a button.