Thai food delivery in Australia

One of the most popular cuisines throughout Australia, there’s a lot to love about Thai cuisine. The delicate balance of different flavours and the emphasis on fresh ingredients and authentic flavours make it a real crowd pleaser. It also has a reputation for being a healthier option when you’re looking to treat yourself. Although you may have a favourite Thai restaurant or two, what about when you want to enjoy the same quality of food in the comfort of your own home?  

That’s where Deliveroo come in. We’ve teamed up with Thai restaurants across Australia, in most major towns and cities. When you order with us, you’re guaranteed restaurant-quality takeaway – it’s the best of both worlds and absolutely no hassle. As soon as we get your order, we’ll make sure your food delivery is dropped off at your door just as soon as possible.  

Find tempting and tasty Thai treats throughout Australia

Although getting your food may be simple, choosing it isn't. We’ve gathered listings from all of the amazing restaurants we work with for you to browse. There’s something about Thai food that makes you want to try lots of different dishes – in fact, if you’re ordering for a group it can be the best idea to order loads of different dishes and share them around. Starter platters are a great way to please everyone, while making sure there’s plenty to share around.  

Include spring rolls (por pia tord) in with your appetisers. Easily available in different veggie combinations and with meat or fish fillings, they’re delicious with sweet and sour dipping sauce. For meat lovers, try moo sa-te (grilled pork sticks flavoured with turmeric). These super savoury starters are served on skewers and again served with dips, usually made with peanuts and coconut milk.  

For mains, you’re spoiled for choice. For a super-hot and spicy yet light dish, go for som tam. Hugely popular in Thailand itself, this piquant salad is made from papaya, beans and tomato, smothered in a spicy dressing. Low fat and delicious, it’s a healthier option for your guests, with all of the taste.