Vegetarian food delivery in Gold Coast

Australians take pride in the food they cook and the Gold Coast is no exception. Being a vegetarian used to restrict your options, when the only options seemed to be a nut roast or a mushroom risotto. Not anymore! The vegetarian diet is rich in proteins with tofu, grains and pulses making up the bulk of most veggie dishes. With Deliveroo, the Gold Coast’s vegetarian options have been captured across many different cuisines.  

Vegetarian food covers everything from soups made from carrot and coriander with breadsticks or crackers you can crumble over the top; to ravioli stuffed with cheeses and spinach, swirled through a marinara sauce to rival anything you’ve ever tasted. Thankfully for vegetarians, no cuisine is off limits. Deliveroo has your best veggie interests at heart so order this evening, and let your taste buds try something new.  

Gold Coast: Vegetarian food for everyone

Not eating meat can result in limited menu options and be a pain when dining out. With Deliveroo, the vegetarian options when dining in are limitless! Creamy risotto, meat-free bolognese and even vegetarian-friendly cakes are on offer thanks to the great restaurants we’ve teamed up with. With so many choices available, you’re sure to find something to meet your tastes.  

Meat-free curries at the local Indian takeaway, bean burgers and fries at the nearest American restaurant or crunchy falafel at the local Lebanese joint - whatever you fancy, Deliveroo has you covered. The Gold Coast uses seasonal vegetables in every form. Why boil a carrot to death when you can have it smothered in honey, roasted alongside a cheese and hazelnut tart and delivered right to your door?  

Whether you want takeaway food from the best restaurants, or you want to order from a cheap and cheerful street food pop-up, just browse our listings and you’ll find something. The Gold Coast has opened its arms to vegetarians everywhere and Deliveroo is there to bring you the best food to the comfort of your own home.