Vegetarian food delivery in Melbourne

Whether you’re a vegetarian, health-food fan, or favour a raw food diet, Melbourne’s vegetarian scene is booming, offering creative and delicious cuisine for all types of meat-free eaters to order for takeaway. And, you can browse Deliveroo’s listings to choose from a wide range of veggie delights that our dedicated delivery team will bring to your door.

The days of restricted options when it comes to vegetarian food are long gone. Instead you’re treated to choices that are interesting, tasty and easily accessible. Forget goats cheese tarts, macaroni cheese and roasted veg; Melbourne has turned the usual vegetarian choices on their heads with imaginative concoctions and exciting food combinations. And, now that we’ve teamed up with a selection of the most reputable restaurants in the city, quality veggie fare is never too far away. Simply place your order and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Melbourne: Aussies rule vegetarian food

Whether you’re a healthy eating fanatic or you prefer to go meat-free for ethical or environmental reasons, Melbourne is a haven for vegetarian food. Using the finest, freshest locally grown produce, locals are passionate about their food and vegetarian cuisine is no exception. Today there is imagination, flair and creativity in Melbourne’s vegetarian foodie scene.

Melbourne vegetarian gastronomy comes in all shapes, colours and nationalities too. From Mexican and Moroccan to French and Italian, there is world vegetarian food from every corner of the globe to explore. Hearty potatoes to super light salads grace the finest restaurants to the most laid back cafes. You can eat vegetarian sushi and Spanish tortilla to light green Vietnamese soups and simple, honest Lebanese falafel. Whatever you want, you will find it here.

Delight your taste buds with Deliveroo who can bring the finest veggie takeaway to your door no matter what your budget. Whether you’re ordering for one because you’ve spent a day in front of the TV, or you’re inviting friends around for a party, the vegetarian options will ensure you can get something for every occasion. So, what are you waiting for?