Lebanese food delivery in Australia

For the taste of the Middle East, you can’t beat Lebanese cuisine. Tasty and warming, laden with distinctive spices and flavours, Lebanese dishes will please even the pickiest of palates. You’ll find great Lebanese restaurants all across Australia and, to make your life even easier, Deliveroo can bring this great quality fare right into your own home.  

How does it work? Well, we work with Lebanese restaurants all across Australia to bring you a huge choice of dishes. You can check out listings for lots of towns and cities around the country to help you narrow down your food choices. Then simply order and wait for us to bring you top quality takeaway delivery right to your door. In fact, it’s so simple for you to enjoy lovely food at home, your biggest problem is going to be deciding what you want to eat! 

Lots of lovely Lebanese dishes to try throughout Australia

One of the lovely things about Lebanese food is that it’s made for sharing. If you are having lots of people round to yours, and you’re responsible for feeding them tasty treats, then you’re very much in luck. Dig into a Mezze of delicious dishes for your starter – it’s a super easy way to make sure everyone gets a taste of lots of different flavours. You could include kibbeh to ensure they get to try Lebanon’s national dish as well! These bite-sized deep fried morsels include fried minced meat mixed with spices and pine nuts.  

More meaty goodness comes with kafta. These meatballs made from beef, chicken or lamb, are served on skewers alongside warmed flatbread and freshly made hummus. Rice is big in the Middle East, and you can enjoy it in the form of pilaf rice alongside your favourite meaty dish.  

For something really comforting and hearty, try sfeeha. This meat pie is absolutely delicious and comes in various different flavour combinations. Serve with tabbouleh for a perfect meal. This side dish comes with loads of different ingredients including tomatoes, parsley and mint to give a flavour combination to delight your senses. Delicious!