Lebanese food delivery in Melbourne

If you are looking for food with a real family feel, then look no further than Lebanese food in Melbourne. Lebanese takeaway and restaurant owners want you to feel like you’re sitting down to eat with their family and to that end, food is made with the kind of precision you’d find in your own kitchen at home. The best bit? You don’t have to cook and Deliveroo is bringing everything right to your door.

Why head out and find these family oriented restaurants full of the best baklava when Deliveroo can sort your order online and deliver it to you at home? Covering most places in Melbourne, Deliveroo has it sorted when it comes to Lebanese cuisine.

Melbourne: offering traditional Lebanese cuisine today

Mezze dips and homemade halloumi are on the top of all lists when it comes to choosing Middle Eastern food that packs a punch. Firm, crispy falafel, roast meat skewers and classic dishes like samke harra – which is barramundi served with coriander, lemon, pine nuts, tahini and tomatoes – are all options on the best Lebanese menus.

If you have a hankering for traditional, authentic food then look no further than the Lebanese section on the Deliveroo website. You’ll be able to order scores of the best takeaway food right to you at home. Order a spread of mezze of hummus and baba ghanoush with empanada-like pastries stuffed with creamy chicken and parsley, or intestinal sausages for a feast at home. Celebrate something different to the usual takeaway suspects and bring Lebanon to Australia in style and without having to leave the house.

Ordering a lamb head may sound a little eccentric but it’s not something you should turn your nose at until you have at least tried it. The lamb’s flesh is moist and packed with flavour after a four hour infusion in broth, and the surrounding intestines, stuffed with rice and spiced mincemeat are tender and flavourful. It’s the delicious and genuine flavours of Lebanese food that has Deliveroo excited. Are you?