Lebanese food delivery in Sydney

If you’re after gourmet, delicious, traditional cuisine, Lebanese food in Sydney is exactly what you should be after. We’re talking ordering from the finest restaurants online with Deliveroo to bring you the best of Lebanon at home. Using the freshest ingredients, these chefs at the local gourmet restaurants will transport you across the world for a proper, home cooked meal. Lamb koftas and shawarma taste amazing, especially from the hands of an authentic chef!

Let Deliveroo be on your side when you’re hungry and bring your dinner to you. Choosing traditional food doesn’t have to be a chore with our online Lebanese section. Deliveroo is a premium delivery service, so if you crave something more than the average takeaway, you’re onto a winner. Invite friends round and make it a Lebanese themed dinner party for some of the most wholesome food you’ll ever experience.

Sydney: Lebanese yourself open to the best food around

Munch on deliciously creamy labneh, smooth, fresh hummus and the most perfectly chargrilled marinated chicken shish tawook. With chargrilled aubergine and boiled chickpeas made fresh every day, your Lebanese takeaway order can be guaranteed fresh and tasty. If this hasn’t set your stomach off screaming for good food, just try and say no to homemade baklava or Lebanese pistachio ice cream.

Trigger the taste of the Mediterranean fused with the Middle East and order exotic fare from choice Lebanese takeaways across Sydney. Chermoula olives and manoush bread should absolutely make an appearance on your dinner table, along with fresh kale, quinoa and walnut tabbouleh. The tagine of the day can make you feel like you have immersed yourself right in the culture of the people. Honey baked quince and falafel crumb paired with surf and turf chargrilled to perfection can really excite the senses so why not order this online tonight?

Deliveroo cover most Lebanese cuisine restaurants in Sydney and this means you have an array of choices available to you when you place your order online. Feel healthy and yet fulfilled with your meal and know that each time you choose to order in with Deliveroo you’re getting quality!