Pizza delivery in Melbourne

One of the best things about pizza takeaway is the huge range of toppings on offer. If you have a hankering for all things pizza, Deliveroo are here for you! Meat feast, extra cheesy or just plain vegetarian, your home delivery can be taken care of in a minute by ordering online with Deliveroo.

It’s not just the pizza you need to consider: it’s those dips and sides too! Hot, doughy pizza with delicious cheese topped garlic bread or sticky, finger-licking chicken wings just compliment the meal so well. Deliveroo have the slice on the best pizza in Melbourne with most places covered, so get online and order big for your home takeaway.

Melbourne: A pizza lover’s paradise

There are different types of pizzas and it depends on you as to which type is your favourite. You can order the artisan types of pizza that are all sourdough base and vine-ripened tomato sauces with artichokes and anchovies on top. Or, you can order what is basically a slab of dough with gooey cheese and pepperoni on top – and my goodness, it is good!

Melburnians can get a little ‘dough-eyed’ over pizza and arguments about which one is the best can turn into fights with pizza cutters. With plenty of different pizza restaurants to choose from across Melbourne, Deliveroo has pizza on lock. If you’re feeling fancy, order some gourmet pizzas, antipasto salads and pizza braids from the finest joints in the city. Pair it with the perfect bottle of wine and cosy up on the couch!

If the wallet doesn’t stretch as far as gourmet pizza, then never fear! There are plenty of options around for the budget conscious and as pizza is especially popular with the kids, wherever you choose from you’ll easily please. Pizza is a popular takeaway choice when cooking is too much bother: there’s not even any washing up to consider!