Sushi delivery in Australia

Think back a couple of decades and sushi was a definite rarity except in major cities in Australia. Even then there wasn’t much choice. Now there are more sushi restaurants than ever in most towns and cities across the country. It’s one of the most popular, and one of the healthier foods of choice for hungry Australians. You most likely have a favourite sushi restaurant already but for those times when you want to enjoy top quality sashimi, nigiri and maki in the comfort of your own home, there’s Deliveroo.  

We work with only the best sushi restaurants across the country to bring this to you. You just need to have a look through our extensive listings for your area and order with us. Before you know it, we’ll be knocking on your door, ready to drop off your takeaway delivery. It’s the best of both worlds! 

No shortage of superior Sushi to enjoy at home with Deliveroo

What do you prefer when it comes to sushi? Are you a purist, wanting only the finest sashimi served with wasabi and soy sauce? Best eaten with chopsticks with just a garnish, sashimi is a delicious way to get an authentic taste of Japan.  If you want your sashimi with rice, then you need to tuck into nigiri. Using the classic sushi rice (known as sushi meshi and flavoured with Japanese rice wine vinegar), with sashimi on top, it’s a bite size treat.  

Nigiri is short for nigirizushi, and means ‘hand pressed sushi’. The slice of fish or seafood, or sometimes meat, is known as neta and it’s placed delicately on top of the sushi meshi. Some chefs will also smear some wasabi between the two, meaning you just need some soy sauce on the side to complete your mouthful. Toppings you’ll often find include eel (both freshwater and sea versions), octopus, sweet egg and squid.  

Maki rolls are the most common types of sushi, and are made by wrapping fillings (meat, seafood, fish or veggies) into seaweed (nori) with sushi rice. You can also find rolls wrapped in a very thin omelette, cucumber or soy paper. Delicious!