Sushi Delivery in Brisbane

We know there’s a lot more to Japanese food than sushi, but if you’re looking for the perfect California rolls, starting with Brisbane is a good way to go. Your sushi delivery can be brought to you as efficiently as it is rolled when you order your meal with Deliveroo. You have your grab and go sushi options which showcase a fusion of classic Japanese dishes with ingredients like camembert to add a little twist. If you’re a traditional sushi eater, you’ll love the rolled nigiri ready for you to chow down on. 

Ordering with Deliveroo has never been easier and with Brisbane sushi spots growing in their popularity, the number of restaurants now open to Deliveroo is expanding rapidly. Flame grilled salmon and scallops made into a sushi roll is just one of the many reasons you should be ordering restaurant quality fare at home with Deliveroo today! 

Brisbane: Rolling more seaweed than the Pacific Ocean

Pair a dish of Aburi sushi with a few glasses of sake for something a little different in your sushi home delivery order in Brisbane. Aburi is a method of searing meats that is said to be extremely tasty and a firm choice for sushi fans. A Brisbane favourite is tuna ceviche - one of the tastiest sushi options with a jalapeno thrown in for good measure. 

If you’re looking for a fish-free option, you’ll love Sunflower sushi. This has crumbed chicken, fried egg, avocado and carrot rolled in rice and seaweed and makes such a difference compared to the fish-topped traditional types. With over a thousand years of history, sushi has become a visible example of Japanese cuisine. Sometimes having rolled sushi as a dinner option can be more filling and can be a great change from pizza.  

Top your sushi with wasabi if you love a hot aftertaste, or soy sauce for a salty dip on the side. Go for chopsticks for an authentic experience - enjoy vinegared sushi rice wrapped in the crispiest seaweed and tastiest sliced veggies. Let Deliveroo enhance your sushi experience by taking away the time you’d spend hunting it down!