Vegetarian food delivery in Australia

 There are more vegetarians than ever in Australia, with an increasing amount of people swearing off meat. That means there are lots of awesome restaurants serving up quality vegetarian fare. In fact, restaurant veggie food is now so delicious and varied that more people than ever are enjoying it. All of this is great news if you want to enjoy top quality veggie food in the comfort of your own home, without having to cook it yourself.  

Deliveroo work with the best vegetarian restaurants across Australia to offer you a huge and diverse amount of choice in dishes. You just need to decide what you want to eat, then order and wait for us to drop your takeaway delivery off right at your door. It’s the easiest way to enjoy top-quality cuisine at home – the only problem you have is deciding what you want to eat. 

Australia: Eat a world of Vegetarian food from home

No matter whether you’re feeding a big group of people or just yourself, the choices are endless. You could go for some Middle Eastern treats with a Lebanese feast. The beauty of this is the endless variety of vegetarian mezze dishes to share between people. It’s a great starter to a big meal, and makes it easy if you want people to have lots of taste sensations.  

Italian cuisine is also popular with vegetarians. Choose an authentic Italian style pizza with its hand-made, stone baked crispy base and delicious mozzarella topping. There are also lots of pasta dishes that come in vegetarian form, like comforting lasagna or creamy spinach cannelloni. But if you want something spicier, try Indian food: many authentic dishes are focused around vegetables, so there’s many vegetarian dishes on offer. From crispy pakoras to spicy lentil curries, you won’t be disappointed. 

Enjoy global cuisine from the comfort of your own home with Deliveroo. Simply select your dishes from local restaurants, order through the website, and then wait for our delivery. Eating restaurant-standard food is easy, with a little help from us - and it’s the perfect excuse for a chilled-out night in.